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Liu Yanfang, Secretary of the Linqu County Party Committee, met with customers from German MANN+HUMMEL Group

Release time:2024-03-05


On Mar. 5, Mr. Oliver Schmitz from Germany MANN+HUMMEL Group, the world's largest filter manufacturer, and a group of five people visited Wanhao Group Longde Company. Liu Yanfang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Linqu County Party Committee, met with MANN+HUMMEL team.

During the meeting, Mr. Oliver Schmitz introduced the basic situation of MANN+HUMMEL Group and the overview of cooperation with Longde Company to Secretary Liu. Mr. Oliver Schmitz said that as a leader in the filtration industry, MANN+HUMMEL Group has always regarded Longde as an important partner and always pays attention to the development of Longde. Longde has also become MANN+HUMMEL group’s excellent supplier with its perceived product quality, R&D capabilities and service levels. In the future, MANN+HUMMEL will release more orders to Longde. The strong cooperation between the two parties will definitely achieve deeper development.

Secretary Liu welcomed the customers from MANN+HUMMEL Group and congratulated MANN+HUMMEL and Longde on the fruitful results of their strategic cooperation. Secretary Liu said that Longde Company, as a leading company in the domestic filter material industry, is based on high-end positioning, tirelessly engages in research and development, and pay close attention to production. Its product quality and market share are in a leading position in China. Especially in cooperation with large international companies such as MANN+HUMMEL, which stimulated strong development momentum and made the competitive advantage more obvious. Government departments support the overseas market development of enterprises and will provide more policy support in terms of market channels, business environment, and platform construction. It is hoped that MANN+HUMMEL Group and Longde Company will further strengthen communication, promote the sustainable development of cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for both parties.

Group President Yin Peinong, General Manager Wang Hongqi, Longde Company General Manager Ma Xizhi, Deputy General Managers Peng Changli, Wang Jian, Yang Qian and managers of relevant departments attended the meeting.

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