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The group participated in the 2018 Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology Equipment Exhibition

Release time:2023-07-21



From March 16th to 18th, the "2018 Shandong (International) Pulp and Paper Technology and Equipment Exhibition" jointly organized by Shandong Paper Industry Association and Shandong Printing Materials Co., Ltd. was grandly held at Jinan Shandong Machinery Equipment Exhibition Center. Zhao Wei, Chairman of China Paper Industry Association, Hu Peng, General Manager of Shandong Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., Wang Zefeng, Chairman of Shandong Paper Industry Association, Zhang Cuimei, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Paper Industry Association, Liu Ke, Vice President and Secretary General of Jiangsu Paper Industry Association, Zheng Mengqiao, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Paper Industry Association, Geng Haiyan, Chairman of Henan Paper Industry Association, Zheng Baochen, Secretary General of Fujian Paper Industry Association Vice President and Secretary General of Hubei Paper Industry Association, including Dun Zhiqiang, as well as leaders of more than 20 large paper or equipment enterprises, attended the opening ceremony and guided and visited the exhibition. President Wang Zefeng delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers, and Chairman Zhao Wei announced the opening ceremony.

The exhibition covers an exhibition area of 20000 square meters, covering a range of paper and pulp; Pulp and paper making technology and equipment; Household paper and sanitary products; Packaging and processing equipment for household paper; Automation control instruments, chemical products, energy-saving and environmental protection technologies; Raw and auxiliary materials; Daily chemical washing products, etc. The exhibition attracted foreign merchants from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Israel, Brazil, and more than 20000 professional visitors, building a bridge for industry colleagues to learn and communicate with each other. Our group is one of the co organizers of this exhibition. Wang Hongqi, Executive Vice General Manager of the group, Ma Xizhi, Deputy General Manager of the group, and General Manager of Longde Company led relevant business personnel to attend the opening ceremony. During the exhibition, attendees made full use of the platform and channels provided by the exhibition to actively promote the image of the group, vigorously promote the products of each subsidiary of the group, and comprehensively collect information on papermaking equipment and participating enterprises. The exhibition achieved good results.1.jpg

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