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Release time:2021-07-02


Marriott Group Launches Learning and Training Activities for the New Safety Production Law

The newly revised "Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" will come into effect on September 1, 2021, putting forward higher requirements for current safety management. In order to deepen the understanding and understanding of the new safety law among the group's cadres and employees, based on work arrangements and in conjunction with the safety production month activities carried out in the early stage, the group company organized a publicity and implementation activity for the new safety law.



After the publicity and implementation activities began, the Group first organized all middle level andabove managers to watch the warning educational film Life is More Important than Mount Tai again, and the Group's Deputy General Manager Yu Huanzhi conducted learning and training on the relevant content of the New Safety Law. The management personnel of Yulong Company, Longde Company, and various departments have conducted comprehensive learning and training for their employees in batches in the large conference room on the fourth floor of the group office building. Through training, the cadres and employees of the group deeply understand the importance that the Party and the state attach to safety production management, and also provide a solid theoretical basis for our future safety production management.



To ensure the effectiveness of learning the New Safety Law, the group has specially purchased a separate copy of the New Safety Law, with each employee receiving one copy. At the same time, each employee is provided with a pen and notebook, and is required to copy the new safety regulations once. After completion, the group will collect and select them uniformly, and reward those who study diligently and copy neatly, in order to truly achieve the goal of applying what they have learned.


During the event, the Chairman of the Group summarized the preliminary safety production work and requested that all levels of management strictly implement the "three musts" requirements of production management, business management, and production and operation management. They effectively improved safety awareness, fulfilled their duties, and made every effort to ensure the safety and stable development of the Group.


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