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Shandong Marriott Paper Group Hires Famous Paper Expert Xiao Huining as the Chief Expert

Release time:2023-03-12



On March 7th, Academician Xiao Huining from the Canadian Academy of Engineering and Liu Zhong, former dean of the School of Light Industry Science and Engineering at Tianjin University of Science and Technology, visited the group for inspection and guidance. Group Chairman Yin Peinong warmly welcomed Academician Xiao Huining and Professor Liu Zhong, and County Party Secretary Liu Yanfang attended the event and delivered a speech. The two sides had in-depth exchanges. Marriott Group specially hired Academician Xiao Huining from the Canadian Academy of Engineering as the group's chief expert. At this point, the group has taken another solid step on the path of introducing technological talents and strengthening technological innovation.


Pan Xicai, member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee and Minister of organization Department, Wang Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee and Director of the Office, Li Fuhua, Director of the County Science and Technology Bureau, Xu Meixin, Director of the County Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Liu Hongke, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chengguan Street, and Kong Lingming, Deputy Minister of organization Department of the County Committee, attended the event.


Academician Xiao Huining and Professor Liu Zhong conducted an on-site inspection of the filter paper production line of Longde Company under the group, comprehensively understanding the company's automotive filter paper process equipment, product performance, market competitiveness, as well as the achievements of the enterprise in scientific research and development, product innovation. I highly praise Marriott Group for daring to take the lead, breaking through the encirclement with technological strength, and growing into a leader in the automotive filter paper industry.



During the discussion and exchange, the chairman of the group, Yin Peinong, stated that the group has always adhered to the development concept of "talent is the first resource", built an industry university research platform, and promoted innovation and development with scientific and technological talents. Academician Xiao and Professor Liu are authoritative experts in the field of pulp and paper science and engineering research. The two sides have strengthened cooperation and warmly hired Academician Xiao Huining as the group's chief expert. They will strengthen their scientific and technological capabilities in enterprise technology innovation, new product research and development, and other aspects, Achieve significant breakthroughs in the research and development of cutting-edge papermaking technologies for enterprises, and assist them in moving towards a higher level.


Secretary Liu Yanfang congratulated Marriott Group on the cooperation reached with Academician Xiao Huining and his delegation, and fully affirmed the group's efforts to attract talents, attract experts, and strengthen technological innovation. She pointed out that Marriott Group should fully leverage the advantages of experts and technological talents, firmly follow the path of specialized, refined, and innovative development, and promote high-quality upgrading and development of the enterprise. She also introduced the economic development situation of Linqu County to two experts, hoping to increase cooperation in the construction of scientific and technological platforms, introduction of scientific and technological talents, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Linqu will create a better scientific and technological innovation environment, build a better development platform, provide more policy guarantees, carry out industry university research cooperation in the field of industry research, and promote the implementation and transformation of more research results in Linqu.


Academician Xiao Huining and Professor Liu Zhong attach great importance to the development environment, platform construction, support for enterprise development, and entrepreneurship of the Linqu County Party Committee and Government. They strongly affirm the launch of preferential policies to support them, and unanimously express that they will take this cooperation as an opportunity to strengthen industry university research cooperation with the industrial economy of Linqu at a higher level and in more fields, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, and assist in sustainable innovation and development of enterprises.


Professor Xiao Huining's main research areas include the synthesis of functional polymers and their applications in natural fibers, as well as papermaking chemistry. His research achievements in "antibacterial and bioactive functional polymer", "cationic nanoparticle flocculation system", and "papermaking wastewater treatment and purification" rank at the international leading level in this field.


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