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Our group and Song Zhanqian, an academician of the CAE Member, signed a cooperation agreement on academician workstation

Release time:2018-05-26


In order to promote the Group to speed up the implementation of the transformation of new and old drivers, transformation, upgrading, innovation and development, and enhance the core competitiveness of the Group in science and technology, with the strong support of the county party committee and the county government, through active communication and negotiation, on May 25, Yin Peinong, chairman of Shandong Marriott Paper Group, and Song Zhanqian, academician of the CAE Member, signed the cooperation agreement on the academician workstation in Nanjing. Ni Ruoqiang, vice chairman of the County CPPCC, chairman of the County Association for Science and Technology, Liu Wenbo, professor of Northeast Forestry University Wang Hongqi, Executive Vice General Manager of the Group, and Yuan Lin, Director of the Group's Technical Development Center, participated in the signing event.

Song Zhanqian, an expert in forestry engineering and chemical processing of forest products, and an academician of the CAE Member, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. Served as the Chief Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, Researcher and Doctoral Supervisor of the Forestry Chemical Industry Research Institute. Engaged in long-term research on chemical processing and engineering development of forest products, he is one of the pioneers in the chemical utilization and engineering development of pine resin in China. He also serves as a member of the Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, a member of the Forestry Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a member of the Forestry Chemical Professional Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Forestry, the Vice Chairman of the National Surfactant Collaboration Group, the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Forestry Chemistry and Industry, an academician of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, a director of the Chinese Chemical Society, and an executive director of the Forestry Chemical Society.

Academician Song Zhanqian is committed to the research and development of deep processing and serialization of Chinese pine resin chemistry. He has produced more than 30 products, including polymerized rosin and hydrogenated rosin. Forest chemical products are indispensable and important raw materials in the paper industry. In recent years, the group has adjusted its product structure, eliminated outdated production capacity, transformed and upgraded its development, and developed and produced a series of high-end products such as high-end food grade special packaging paper and industrial filter materials. The preparation of waterproof, oil resistant and other coating additives used in the production process is the main difficulty and urgent problem to be solved. This time, we will collaborate with Academician Song Zhanqian to establish a workstation, which will provide services such as research and development, project research and development, and training of technical talents around the preparation, testing, and practical application of paper additives. This will lay the foundation for the quality of the special paper produced by the group to reach the international advanced level.

During the exchange event, Chairman Ni, on behalf of the county party committee and government, expressed welcome and gratitude to Academician Song for setting up an academician workstation at Marriott Group, and introduced the economic development situation of Linqu County. Chairman Yin of the group introduced the development and production and operation of the enterprise to Academician Song. After listening to the reports and introductions of Chairman Ni and Chairman Yin, Academician Song highly praised the economic development of Linqu County and the development achievements of enterprises. He stated that after the establishment of the workstation, the technology research and development team will accelerate cooperation between industry, academia, and research based on the actual situation of the enterprise, actively promote the research and development of the group's Phase II industrial filter material F9 project, and effectively promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and innovative development of the enterprise.


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