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Group Chairman Yin Peinong presided over the first half of the year work summary meeting

Release time:2015-07-07



On July 7th, the Chairman of the Group, Yin Peinong, presided over a work summary and deployment meeting for the first half of the year. The meeting mainly summarized the work in the first half of the year, analyzed the current situation, clarified the focus of work in the second half of the year, further unified thinking, increased awareness, clarified ideas, actively responded to the continuous economic downturn and the severe situation in the paper industry, and took various measures to ensure the normal operation of the group's production and operation, Ensure the achievement of the full year 2015 work goals and tasks. Middle level and above management personnel from various companies of the group attended the meeting.

The meeting began with an analysis and briefing by the leaders in charge of each company on key aspects of production, quality, and management. Chairman Yin made a key summary of the production and operation work in the first half of the year, taking into account the market situation. He pointed out that for the work in the first half of the year, the reported data reflects that the production and operation situation of the group in the first half of the year has basically improved. Since 2015, the dual effects of the continuous decline in domestic and international economic situation and severe overcapacity in the industry have not improved. However, the group and various companies have actively responded, carefully studied the market and production, and paid close attention to internal management such as production organization, stable quality, and cost accounting. There is close cooperation between workshops, departments, and between workshops, and all work is coordinated to carry out in the first half of the year, except for February during the Spring Festival, The production and operation are basically stable, especially with the development of water-soluble filter paper products with high market demand for automotive filter paper, which fills the gap of Longde Company's products and increases the development space of filter paper. This has led to an increase in the quantity and quality of filter paper products, as well as a stable and positive market development, demonstrating new growth points and highlights for the group. Chairman Yin requires all departments and workshops of the company to conduct a good summary and analysis of the work in the first half of the year, hold a special meeting to summarize the achievements and good management experience and practices, identify the problems and shortcomings in the work, and clearly explain the severe competition situation faced by the group to employees, so that employees can further enhance their understanding of the severity of the competition situation in the paper market, and further enhance my joint development with the enterprise I have a sense of co existence and survival with the company, enhancing employees' sense of attachment and belonging to the company.

Chairman Yin emphasized during the deployment of the work for the second half of the year that the national paper industry was affected by the dual effects of the continuous downward economic situation and severe overcapacity in the second half of the year. The paper market remained sluggish, product prices continued to decline, and market competition became even more brutal. We will face difficulties and problems such as insufficient market demand, high financial pressure, and lack of human resources. How to resolve these difficulties and problems is a heavy task in front of everyone. Each company, department, and workshop, based on existing production equipment and their own advantages and characteristics, closely focuses on production costs, product quality, and strengthens internal management to do a good job.

One is to require management personnel at all levels to conscientiously fulfill their responsibilities and strive to do their job well. Managers at all levels should clarify their work scope, manage their own people, and do their own things well in different management positions. At the same time, it is necessary to effectively play a leading role, truly achieving the goal of leading the team at the first level, showing the team to the first level, and enhancing the awareness of conscientiously doing a good job. Work that falls within one's scope of responsibility should be done actively, actively, conscientiously, and conscientiously. Lead the staff to work together to overcome difficulties and overcome them.

The second is to strengthen coordination and achieve common development. Strengthen communication and exchange, close collaboration, mutual support, and work together between leaders, departments, workshops, and departments in their work. In work coordination, it is important to consider the other party's issues, consider their strengths and weaknesses, focus on the starting point of the work, pay attention to work methods and methods, and guide everyone to do their work well from a positive perspective. Do not let small matters lead to unnecessary discussions and complaints, which can affect the normal operation of production and management work. Faced with the current severe market situation, management personnel at or above the middle level should speak and act in accordance with their job identity, and speak more if it is conducive to the development of the company, work, and unity. If they do not speak more if it is not conducive to the development of the company, work, or unity, it is dereliction of duty. Everyone should work together to create and maintain a harmonious working atmosphere.

The third is that we are currently in the hot and rainy summer season. Each company's department and workshop should adjust and control the process indicators according to the current climate season, organize summer production well, and meet market demand. At the same time, each unit should do a good job in the storage and storage of raw and auxiliary materials and finished products to prevent problems from occurring. The relevant functional management and assessment departments should keep up with supervision and inspection, and strictly follow the system to handle units and individuals who violate the company's management system and have poor execution, to ensure a better result in the work in the second half of the year.

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