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Requirements for Filter Materials in the 13th Five Year Plan of the Filter Industry

Release time:2017-10-26


The filter material used for filters is a disposable consumable material. With the increase in the number of cars in China, the consumption of filter materials has also steadily increased. In 2014, the consumption of filter materials in China reached about 200000 tons. At present, in terms of production proportion, the vast majority of domestic filter materials are still mid to low-end products. The rapid development of the internal combustion engine and automotive industry has put forward higher requirements for the types and performance of filter materials used in filters. The publication and implementation of the industry standard "JB/T 12651-2015" for internal combustion engine filter paper in 2015 will play a positive role in regulating the market and promoting industry technological progress.

The 13th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for China's material industry to strengthen. The filtration material industry must closely follow the demand for engine technology, adhere to technological progress, implement catch-up strategies, and promote China's filtration material industry to a higher level. The main tasks are:

1、 Carry out specific research and development work in response to the operating conditions in China. How to carry out targeted research and promotion of filter materials based on domestic operating conditions is a key focus for future development, and also a key factor affecting the reliability and economy of internal combustion engines and automobiles in China. Air filtration materials and diesel filtration materials are key areas for the development of China's operating conditions during the 13th Five Year Plan period.

2、 Improve the overall level of raw material quality and manufacturing technology. In terms of fiber raw materials, guide upstream enterprises to develop ultrafine fibers, irregular fibers, and special plant fibers that are conducive to improving the performance of filter materials; In terms of reinforcing resins, improve the performance of water-based reinforcing resins and strengthen the research and development of special functional resins (flame retardant, oil-water separation); By digesting advanced foreign papermaking machinery and equipment technology in manufacturing equipment, we aim to optimize the structure of filter materials from various aspects such as forming, drying, and coating, thereby improving the uniformity and stability of material performance.

3、 Breaking through the common key technologies in the development and production of composite filter materials. As an important development direction for filter materials, multi-layer composite technology needs to be strengthened in terms of overall material design, composite process, and material application technology to fully leverage the advantages of different materials such as wet forming filter materials, melt blown non-woven fabrics, anti stick non-woven fabrics, electrospun materials, and membrane materials. Multi layered composite air filtration materials, oil filtration materials, and fuel filtration materials will all be important development directions during the 13th Five Year Plan period.

4、 Strengthen the systematic design and development combined with filters. The overall design of the filtration system guides the development direction of filters and filtration materials. In the coming years, it is necessary for domestic filtration material enterprises to strengthen cooperation with filtration enterprises, while increasing the development of new high-performance filtration materials, continuously expanding the development space of filter structure forms, fully leveraging the synergistic effect of the two, and optimizing the overall performance of the filtration system. Runner type air filters and long service life (over 50000 kilometers) oil filters are key areas for development during the 13th Five Year Plan.

5、 Strengthen technology popularization and industry self-discipline, and promote the transformation of outdated production capacity. At present, China has a total overcapacity of filtering materials, but high-end filtering materials also rely on imports. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, there is an urgent need to strengthen the popularization of technology in the filtration material industry and application fields, so that counterfeit and low-quality products that are difficult to effectively filter and protect engines can be withdrawn from the market. This will promote the transformation of some production capacity through technological progress, and also eliminate some outdated production capacity that is difficult to transform and disrupts orderly market competition. It will guide social funds to avoid duplicate construction.

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