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The "Internet+" in the information age is a "new equipment" that the paper industry needs to configure

Release time:2017-05-26


According to (China Packaging Network News): As the direction of industrial transformation under the new normal, "Internet+" has been included in the national top-level design plan, which means that more traditional industries will fully embrace the Internet. In this battle for industrial upgrading, how paper companies will use the "new equipment" of "Internet+" well and ultimately achieve overtaking on curves, they need to come up with a plan in advance.

In internet games, it is difficult to pass without good equipment. For a company, being unable to keep up with market development due to a lack of "new equipment" also results in the "end of the game".

As the direction of industrial transformation under the new normal, "Internet+" has been included in the national top-level design plan, which means that more traditional industries will fully embrace the Internet. However, the reality is that the paper industry, labeled as a "senior traditional industry", still has a shallow relationship with the internet, and there are very few paper companies in the industry that have "touched the internet". How will the paper industry upgrade in the face of "Internet Plus"? The answer is still unclear. However, in the battle of industrial upgrading, how paper companies will use the "new equipment" of "Internet+" well and ultimately achieve overtaking on curves, they need to come up with a plan in advance.

The End of Traditional Closed Mode

The traditional market+Internet has Taobao, the traditional bank+Internet has Alipay, and the traditional transportation+Internet has become fast... What will the traditional papermaking+Internet be in the future?

The "Internet+" is not only changing people's lifestyles, but also urging enterprise innovation and transformation and upgrading. Liang Mingwu, Secretary General of the Forestry Pulp and Paper Branch of the China Forestry Industry Federation and Deputy General Manager of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd., stated that the impact of "Internet Plus" on traditional forestry pulp and paper enterprises is mainly reflected in opening up the previously closed production mode. The "Internet Plus" has more personalized product requirements and more convenient and diverse sales models. Therefore, the mainstream model in the future will be the industrial ordering model, which will make the production and sales requirements for modern processing forest pulp and paper enterprises more precise, and greatly improve the requirements for advanced equipment, excellent resources, and sales service quality. Therefore, under the influence of "Internet+", forest pulp and paper enterprises will end their traditional closed large-scale production and fully transform towards the Internet era.

Amidst the global economic downturn becoming the norm, the paper industry has been plagued by issues such as overcapacity, supply-demand imbalance, and environmental pollution, making it difficult for paper companies to maintain profits. In recent years, cross-border growth of papermaking enterprises has become a common phenomenon in the industry seeking profits, and new economic growth points are being formed in these new technology applications, including "Internet+", internationalization and other new fields.

How to face "Internet+", and how to layout and maintain what pace? At the second RISI China Paper Packaging Summit Forum, Tu Yiting, a senior analyst in the paper light industry at Shanghai Shenyin Wanguo Securities Research Institute Co., Ltd., proposed that paper packaging enterprises need to possess internet thinking and layout "Internet+" and "service-oriented manufacturing".

Traditionally, the B2C model initiated by factories has been adopted by paper mills, where products are produced before consumption. Enterprises are all centered around manufacturing, and the idea of controlling costs is to reduce costs through various means to create profits for downstream enterprises. And internet thinking is to break the traditional thinking mode of the past. The C2B model initiated by consumers starts with orders and demands, followed by products, and enterprises focus on services. This order model not only meets the individual needs of consumers, but also greatly saves social and operational costs. Enterprises can also realize their own value by creating more value points for downstream.

Therefore, the correct use of "Internet+" by paper enterprises needs to start with a change in thinking.

The beginning of a mutually beneficial cycle

China's' internet dividend 'is too powerful

The Internet, originally regarded as a virtual economy by traditional industries, is currently developing rapidly and is difficult to stop, making traditional industries even more intimidated. It is defined as a matter that subverts, conflicts, and replaces tradition.

Premier Li Keqiang chaired an executive meeting of the State Council on March 25th, deploying to accelerate the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and achieve the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The meeting clearly proposed to comply with the development trend of "Internet+" and identified ten key development areas. The industry generally states that this will mean that "Made in China 2025" is expected to introduce "Internet+" as an important development concept, and the specific implementation roadmap has also been basically formed. Information technology, symbolized by the Internet, will play a crucial role in the upgrading process of China's manufacturing industry.

A paper industry strategy expert said that paper entrepreneurs have always been confused that the internet is about subverting their traditional enterprises. Now that the Prime Minister has made it clear, entrepreneurs have realized that the Internet is an auxiliary tool for the development of traditional enterprises, not a contradiction between ourselves and the enemy, but a complementary tool. The concept of "Internet+" provides enterprises with a clear vision of the direction of their own efforts. In the new situation, all industries should take advantage of the situation and change their inherent product promotion, sales, and even production models, allowing enterprises to enter a new world of development.

Experts believe that the concept of "Internet+" proposed by the country does not subvert traditional industries, but rather provides opportunities for transformation and scale expansion. It aims to use the relatively high-quality and internationally leading internet power in China to accelerate the upgrading of efficiency, quality, innovation, cooperation, and marketing capabilities in the relatively backward manufacturing industry.

Nowadays, "Internet+" is being fully applied to the tertiary industry, forming new ecosystems such as internet finance, internet transportation, internet healthcare, internet education, and is permeating into the primary and secondary industries. Tencent Chairman and CEO Ma Huateng stated that the Industrial Internet is penetrating from the consumer goods industry to industries such as equipment manufacturing, energy, and new materials, comprehensively promoting the transformation of traditional industrial production methods.

It seems that "Internet Plus" is not a wolf for paper companies, but the beginning of a mutually beneficial cycle.

Attempts to Use "Internet Plus" Correctly

No matter what the concept of 'Internet+' is, it is undeniable that 'Internet+' is first a profound technological revolution, followed by a profound industrial revolution, and then triggers a profound social change. "Peng Bo, Deputy Director of the National Internet Information Office, explained this at the 2015 'Internet+China' Summit.

For paper companies, whoever takes the lead in using "Internet+" correctly can seize an excellent opportunity and enter a new era.

Recently, some domestic paper industry groups have officially opened their products in Tmall flagship stores, marking the transition from single offline sales to online and offline dual channel sales of paper products. In addition, some paper products have also entered e-commerce platforms such as Suning E-commerce and Alibaba.

This is a friendly beginning of "intimate contact" with the internet, and it is also the simplest use of the internet by traditional paper companies. Currently, most internet applications are in the marketing, after-sales service, and procurement stages, such as B2C and B2B. The development potential of the industrial internet is enormous, and now many enterprises are beginning to try to apply internet technology to improve their overall competitiveness.

Premier Li Keqiang proposed in this year's government work report to formulate the "Internet Plus" action plan, promote the integration of mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and modern manufacturing industries, promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial internet, and internet finance, and guide internet companies to expand into the international market. The country has established a 40 billion yuan emerging industry entrepreneurship investment guidance fund, integrating and raising more funds to provide support for industrial innovation.

With the support and guidance of national policies, papermaking enterprises will have more courage to use "Internet+", which will stimulate more innovative and creative capabilities of enterprises. Experts believe that traditional paper companies will not only be subverted by the Internet, but also those equipped with "Internet+" equipment will outperform those armed with certain elements of the traditional industry.

The 'Internet+' has great development potential and will bring disruptive innovation and new production methods in the manufacturing process. It is estimated that in the next 20 years, the development of China's industrial internet will bring about a GDP increase of at least $3 trillion.

The comprehensive integration of "Internet+" and the paper industry is not a simple superposition, but rather "one plus one is greater than two". In the future,How will paper companies use "Internet Plus"? We are both practical and attentive.

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