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Longde Company Helps Promote the Implementation of National VI Automotive Emission Standards

Release time:2018-06-15


On June 13th of this year, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to deploy the implementation of the three-year action plan for the Blue Sky Defense War. It was clarified that starting from January 1, 2019, vehicle gasoline/diesel that meets the national VI standard will be fully supplied nationwide. Develop and promote energy-saving and efficient technologies and products, cultivate and develop energy-saving and green environmental protection industries. Previously, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment also announced that China will enforce the National VI emission standard for light vehicles on July 1, 2020. However, in the face of increasingly severe environmental pressure, some regions have put energy conservation and emission reduction on their agenda in advance. On March 29th, Shenzhen issued a notice (draft for soliciting opinions) on the implementation of the sixth phase of the National Motor Vehicle Air Pollutant Emission Standards (National VI) for light vehicles by the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for Human Settlements and the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau. The notice stipulates that from July 1, 2018, light diesel vehicles sold, registered, and transferred in Shenzhen shall comply with the National VI standard; Starting from January 1, 2019, light gasoline vehicles sold, registered, and transferred in Shenzhen shall comply with the national VI standard. On May 7th, the official website of the Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau released a notice on the implementation of the sixth phase of the national motor vehicle air pollutant emission standards for light vehicles (draft for soliciting opinions), proposing to implement the national VI emission standards for new cars and light vehicles transferred from other places starting from January 1, 2019. The measures taken by Guangzhou and Shenzhen may encourage other cities to follow suit and implement national VI emission standards in advance. The most stringent national VI emission standards in history are about to arrive.

With the continuous improvement of national VI fuel standards and VI emission standards for motor vehicles, the governance of motor vehicle exhaust emissions is also increasingly improving. The country has released the upcoming mandatory implementation of national VI emission standards, and data shows that the national VI emission standards are 40% -50% stricter than the national V standards, indicating the magnitude of the efforts. Like countries I to V, country VI refers to the automobile exhaust emission standards developed by China based on European automobile emission standards, which have clear restrictions on the emission of harmful substances such as carbon monoxide in automobile exhaust, thereby controlling automobile pollution emissions. However, compared to previous standards, State VI is more stringent. In order to cope with the push from lower standards to higher standards, it is a great challenge for both automotive OEMs and component factories. New research and development, design, and matching production of products must be carried out according to the new standards, especially for engine factories and automotive aftertreatment component factories. A large amount of research and development expenses, manpower, and material resources need to be invested in re development to meet the national VI emission standards. The primary focus of China VI automobile emission standards is the improvement of engine technology. The injection pressure of the high-pressure common rail technology in the engine fuel system is higher than that of traditional engines, which ensures good atomization and sufficient combustion, improves power performance, achieves fuel saving and reduces exhaust emissions, while also protecting the service life of the fuel injection system. This marks a higher requirement for the filtration performance of engine fuel filters, which requires high-precision filtration efficiency, It also has a long service life and good oil-water separation effect.

At present, high-end fuel filter materials with high precision, high efficiency, and high oil-water separation used in domestic engines mainly rely on foreign imports, which have high prices and application costs. To this end, Shandong Longde Composite Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is targeting the cutting-edge technology of international high-end filter materials in response to the upcoming national VI automobile emission standards, fully leveraging the company's leading position in the research and development platform, technological level, market scale, and production capacity in the field of filter materials. It actively carries out international research and development cooperation and successfully develops six high-end automobile fuel filter materials suitable for the national VI emission standards, After testing by authoritative departments, its product performance has reached the international advanced level and can fully replace imported products. Currently, the company has conducted mass production and has been selected as the preferred product for supporting the main engine by major domestic automobile manufacturers. As an alternative to imported products, it is of great significance to save usage costs for automotive manufacturing enterprises, as well as to national environmental governance, energy conservation, and emission reduction. It has significant economic and social benefits.

With the implementation of China's national VI automobile emission standards, the requirements for automobile exhaust emissions are becoming increasingly strict. Whether the automobile exhaust emissions meet the standards or not is closely related to the quality of automobile fuel filter paper. Therefore, Longde Company will assist in the implementation of the national VI automobile emission standards, fully utilizing the favorable opportunity of the national implementation of the major project of converting new and old kinetic energy, and closely focusing on international cutting-edge technology and high-end market demand for filter materials, In response to the national requirements for green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, we will vigorously carry out technological innovation, tackle technological challenges, and accelerate the research and development innovation of new materials, new technologies, new processes, and new products. We will accelerate the transformation to high-end industrial filter materials that are suitable for national green environmental protection, and build Longde Company into a large backbone enterprise that integrates research, development, and production of "domestic first-class and international advanced" new high-end industrial filter materials.


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