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On the occasion of the May Day International Labor Day, the Chairman of the Group extends holiday congratulations and sincere condolences to all employees

Release time:2023-05-01


Struggle creates history, practical work achieves the future, the glory of labor is particularly dazzling, and the strong voice of struggle stirs people's hearts. At this beautiful moment that belongs to workers, we have welcomed our glorious holiday - "May Day" International Labor Day. On the occasion of this holiday, the Chairman and Party Secretary of the Group, Yin Peinong, sends holiday congratulations and warm condolences to the employees who are steadfast in their work positions!

Set sail with struggle, and fulfill dreams with labor. It is precisely through the hard work and sweat of every employee that our group has developed to this day. Looking back on the past, we are full of pride, and looking forward to the future, we have a hundred times more confidence. The group continues to develop, and employees still need to work hard. This year, due to the follow-up impact of the COVID-19, the global economic recovery is weak and domestic economic demand is seriously insufficient, which has brought unprecedented difficulties and challenges to the development of the Group. Although the price of raw materials has fallen, the market is weak and orders are insufficient, and the decline of paper prices reduces the profit space, which seriously endangers the survival and development of enterprises. At this critical juncture, we must strengthen our confidence, strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, stabilize quality and increase production to reduce costs, organize daily production well, and achieve full load startup. We must enhance our awareness of crisis and fully recognize the negative impact of insufficient domestic demand on enterprises, which will have a direct impact on enterprise benefits and employee income. Without benefits, employees will have no income. If normal production cannot be carried out for a long time, it will endanger the survival of the enterprise. The big family must be aware that if the enterprise cannot survive, we will face layoffs. Therefore, we must cherish the hard-earned work environment, continue to carry forward the new atmosphere and good work style brought about by enterprise restructuring, base ourselves on our own duties, fulfill our duties, ensure product quality with work quality, and rely on high value-added products and excellent product quality to solidify our foundation and strengthen our future development path. At present, it is the golden season for paper production. We must consolidate and improve the achievements made in 5S management, comprehensive quality management, and management efficiency year. In accordance with the requirements proposed by the group's work philosophy this year, we must focus on production and management, with the goal of maximizing efficiency. At the same time, we need to continuously summarize the good experience of production and operation in March and April, strive to stabilize quality and increase production, reduce consumption, improve efficiency, and strive for a new level of innovation in the group's production and operation in May.

We must work hard and move forward with determination. Marriott's development can only rely on our own efforts, and Marriott's glory can only be created by ourselves. Everyone strives for the company and takes responsibility. The company is our home, and development depends on everyone. Let's work together, unite our hearts, truly work hard, bravely fight, overcome difficulties, and jointly create a better tomorrow for Marriott!

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