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Longde Company participated in the 2023 China Filter Industry Annual Conference

Release time:2023-11-17


From November 14th to 16th, the 2023 "China Filter Industry Annual Conference and Innovation Development and Frontier Technology Summit Forum" hosted by the Filter Branch of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association was successfully held in Nanjing. The theme of this conference is "Insight Core Trends and Climb Core Peaks", focusing on the future development of a new generation of high-efficiency, low-carbon, and near-zero emission internal combustion engines. Longde Company was invited by the organizer, General Manager Ma Xizhi, Deputy GM of Technical Department Yang Qian, and Technical Quality Department Manager Shi Tongbao attend the meeting.

The main function of the automobile filter is to filter impurities and harmful substances in gases and liquids to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, also the clean and safe air in the cabin. There are four types of filters in traditional fuel vehicles, including air conditioning filters related to the air conditioning system, and air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters related to the fuel engine. Country and industry associations continue to formulate new policies on in-car air quality and vehicle emissions, and improve standards, the vehicle filters become more and more important. In recent years, technology progress in the automotive filter industry has continued to develop in depth and breadth. Products have made great progress in lightweight, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, multi-functional, systematized, modular, etc. The filter system plays an increasingly important role in automobile performance, energy saving and emission reduction.

The Conference brings together industry experts from domestic automobile, engine and filter industry-related companies, scientific research institutes and universities. Participants conducted in-depth discussions on the technical development situation of traditional, alternative fuel and new energy vehicles, internal combustion engines, and the filter industry, and jointly promoted the transformation, upgrading and technological progress of China filter industry.

According to the relevant data and empirical equation of the Filter Branch of China Internal Combustion Engine Association (filter: vehicle ownership = 5:1), that is, each vehicle replaces 2 oil filters, 1 air filter, 1 gasoline filter and 1 oil filter every year. It is estimated that the demand for vehicle filters in China will increase from 530 million sets to 1.60 billion sets from 2011 to 2022. From the market size of China automobile filters, according to the calculation standards of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, calculated as per the total consumption amount of 120 yuan for 5 filters, the market size of China automobile filter industry from 2011 to 2022 increased from 12.72 billion yuan to 38.28 billion yuan, with a CAGR of 10.5%.

As the largest domestic filter paper manufacturer, after ten years of accumulation and precipitation. Longde product research and development closely follows industry development, with new materials and new technologies to solve the conflicting problems of filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity, provide new vitality into the sustainable development of the filter industry.

Longde Company looks forward to working with industry insiders to create a bright future for the filter industry!

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